8GB RAM Upgrade



8GB RAM Upgrade mechanics

  • Qualified for purchase only if you are buying a laptop?PLUS?this upgrade.
  • If your purchased laptop has only 1 RAM card slot:?We will inform you that your purchased unit has only 1 RAM card slot, and advise that we can only do the 4GB RAM upgrade.?(We will refund, modify, and/or cancel your RAM Upgrade order depending on our conversation)
  • If your purchased laptop has 2 RAM slots:?We will add an 8GB RAM card to your laptop
  • The laptop box will be opened
  • To prevent the hassle of returning units, we are going to startup the Windows OS in your laptop and make a full test of your unit to make sure that your laptop is working properly.?IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE YOUR LAPTOP BOX OPENED AND THE UNIT TESTED, DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR RAM UPGRADE VIA OUR WEBSITE. PLEASE PROCEED TO THE LAPTOP MEDICS AT OUR MAIN BRANCH PERSONALLY IF YOU WANT TO WITNESS THE OPENING OF THE UNIT.
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